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titled: i have so much homework and i’m gonna be a good student and get to that… right after i’ve taken 300 selfies.

I don’t wanna, you know, keep sounding like, uh, a positive patty, but…there’s so many great things going on in the world. Mental illness isn’t such a dirty word anymore. It’s still a struggle. One of the biggest struggles is for transgender people going through that. And I applaud every one of you that goes through that and figures out your identity. And just be you. And that’s wonderful. I feel like we get to be more ourselves now. I felt like I was wearing a costume for a long time and now I don’t feel like I’m wearing one anymore. Thank you for allowing that… So break out that skin. See what’s in there. And dance around in your bones. This song is about mental illness. It’s called Maya the Psychic.
Gerard Way speaking about mental illness and gender identity before introducing Maya the Psychic at Irving Plaza in New York City on 10/20/14 (x)


My Chemical Romance live @ Buzzfest | Houston, TX 10.30.2004 (x)


gerard way is a pretty nice dude

my professor just emailed me and said that my answers to an assignment were “adequate”. high school-me would’ve cried rivers. college-me is praising the lord because i PASSED!

i called my brother to back me up so that we can move my dad’s birthday brunch to sunday instead of saturday and i realize i’m the worst daughter ever but PARIS

my friend just asked if i wanted to go to paris in november. my heART. my dear heart.

- …but of course it’s the same weekend as my father’s 60th birthday.

i’mma fight to the death for this i s2g, i’ll work it out.



Seeing as it’s Halloween and I’ve never done one of these before I figured that now’s a good time to start!! If this doesn’t get enough notes though we can all just forget about it haha


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so yeah once again if this doesn’t get a certain amount of notes we can all forget it ever happened

faveyard said: against me!????

well no but they’RE BOUND TO GET HERE SOME DAY and 2015 feels right

2015’s gonna be good. new year’s eve in ireland, seeing gerard in february, the american idiot musical in april… and finger’s crossed for against me! live later that year :>


film still #15 - sorcerer's stone


film still #15 - sorcerer's stone